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Families with College-Bound Students and 

Couples Approaching Retirement

Who We Serve

Our Typical Prospective Clients Are:

  • Between the ages 40-55.
  • Delegators. They want to engage and to follow the advice of a professional.
  • Actively engaged in the financial planning process. They respond to requests in a timely fashion.
  • Motivated to improve their financial life and the financial life of their children.
  • Comfortable using technology and are willing to meet in the office or online, as needed.
  • Knowledgable that financial success is attained by taking incremental "steps."

Our Typical Prospective Clients Don't:

  • Rely on the "expert" advice of friends and family without analyzing how this advice affects them personally.
  • Time or guess what the market is going to do next.
  • Want a part-time adviser.

Our typical Prospective clients desire the following:

  • To have a relationship with a financial planning professional who anticipates their concerns and questions before they even know to ask.
    •  Have you ever had anyone with an objective and unbiased viewpoint evaluate your financial health?
    • Are you confident you are paying as little in taxes and investment fees as legally possible? 
    • Do you know how to use your financial resources as effectively as possible to fund your family's higher education needs?
  • To obtain financial security while planning for long-term growth
    • Are you approaching retirement or recently retired?
    • Are you confident you have enough resources to live off of during your retirement years?
    • Do you see change all around you and worry your money won't be there when you need it?
    • Do you have a college-bound student? Have you evaluated how to strategically plan for and save on (not just save for) the significant cost of higher education?
  • To leave a legacy of memories and experiences with their children and grandchildren
    • Do you plan to leave a lasting legacy to your family and loved ones?
  • To give substantially to their church and community
    • Do you desire to gift to charitable organizations in extraordinary ways?