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Late-Stage College Funding
and Retirement Planning

What We Do

1. Initial Strategy Session

Meet with Step By Step Financial in a no-pressure situation to determine if the services we offer match your needs. This session usually lasts  45 minutes to one hour. During this session, we explore together your greatest financial concerns and your need to meet with a financial planner. We also discuss the services Step By Step Financial offers along with our investment and planning philosophy. There is no charge for this meeting. The natural next step after this session is to schedule either a College Funding or Retirement Planning Financial Review. If we are not a good fit for your needs and concerns, we will do our best to refer you to another financial professional that can best serve you. To schedule your Initial Strategy Session, please click here to be taken to our online scheduling link. 


The purpose of the Financial Review is to provide answers to your most burning questions and to give you the experience of working with a financial planner dedicated to serving your best interests. For some, the College Funding or Retirement Planning Financial Review may be all that is needed at this point on your journey to financial security. For others, the Ongoing Financial Planning service may be the next step on the path to financial success. 

  • College Funding Financial Review

    • Fee: $750
    • Completed in 2 meetings
    • Please click here for the checklist of documents needed to prepare for the College Funding and Planning Financial Review.
    • Using the College Pre-Approval™ process, we help families create a comprehensive college funding plan to maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and save for a comfortable retirement at the same time. 
      • What are the most efficient strategies to maximize aid eligibility?
      • What are the differences between the FAFSA and CSS Profile?
      • What are the optimal asset, income, and tax strategies for college funding?
      • What is the best manner from distributing from investment accounts to pay for college?
      • How do I coordinate contributions from other family members, i.e. Grandparents?
      • Should I take out student loans and if so, which ones and how much?
      • How do I cover the college expenses shortfall?
      • What is the best resource for saving for college expenses?
  • Retirement Planning Financial Review

    • Fee: $750
    • Completed in 2 meetings
    •  Please click here to access all of the documents you will need to prepare for the Retirement Planning Financial Review.
      • What is my current net worth?
      • Am I on track?
      • Do I have enough to retire when I intend to?
      • Will I have enough to fund my retirement if I spend “$” per year during retirement?
      • What is the optimal strategy for my spouse and I to receive Social Security distributions?  When should we begin taking them?
      • How can I ensure my money does not run out during retirement?
      • Should I be investing in my retirement plan at work or in an IRA?
      • How much should I be contributing to my company’s retirement plan?
      • How does my pension plan work, and how will it affect my retirement?

3. ongoing Financial planning

Our ongoing financial planning service provides clients with holistic financial and tax planning, retirement distribution strategies, and access to low-cost investment providers.  We help families navigate through the college funding years all the way up to and through the retirement years. To be eligible for Ongoing Financial Planning, one must complete either a College Funding or Retirement Planning Financial Review.

  • Fee: We charge our clients on a monthly basis using a simple and transparent upfront fee calculation. Once a client has completed either a college funding or retirement planning financial review, they are eligible for ongoing financial planning. We believe in transparency and full disclosure. Please see the "What is Costs" page and our ADV Part 2 for more details.
  • Topics of discussion that may be included under Ongoing Financial Planning
    • Evaluation and Implementation of College Funding Strategies
    • Evaluation and Implementation of Retirement Planning Strategies
    • Evaluation and Implementation of Investment Strategies
    • Tax Planning
    • Charitable Gifting Planning
    • Social Security Distribution Evaluation and Strategies
    • Estate Planning 
    • Insurance Planning

Please click here to access the Ongoing Financial Planning comprehensive list of services and contract.

We will typically meet with our clients 6-8 times during the first year and approximately 3-4 times in subsequent years. Meetings may take place in-person or virtually.