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Transparent, Upfront, and Simplified Fees

What it Costs

We do our best to keep the costs of working with us transparent, upfront and simplified. It is our desire to provide you an exceptional service and value that far exceeds our fee.

We do not receive commissions, referral fees, or third-party incentives of any kind, and our transparency means clients will always know the fees before they start the process. We do not charge a separate fee for investment management to our ongoing financial planning clients. 

Financial Review

  • You begin working with us after the Initial Strategy Session by picking one of these Financial Review Services:
    • College Funding Financial Review: $750
    • Retirement Planning Financial Review:$750

Ongoing Financial Planning

  • After the Financial Review, if it is in your best interest, and we mutually agree to continue working together, we will determine your Ongoing Financial Planning fee by using the scale below.
    • Monthly Fee Calculation 
      • $250 monthly fee if your investment assets are between $0-$500,000
      • $500 monthly fee if your investment assets are between $500,001-$1,000,000
      • $750 monthly fee if your investment assets are between $1,000,001-$1,500,000
      • $1,000 monthly  fee if your investment assets are  $1,500,001+

Why Monthly?

  • Helps You Manage Cash Flow
    • You pay most of your bills and subscriptions monthly. Why does your financial planning service have to be different? We have the ability for you to pay your monthly fee via credit card, ACH, check or as a deduction from your investment accounts. 
  • Transparent and Easy to Understand
    • We want you to know at all times what you are paying us for our service. Once a year we reevaluate your monthly fee using your current investment values, and we send you a notice if your monthly fee has increased, decreased or remained the same. 
  • Makes Financial Planning More Accessible
    • Many of the families we serve don't meet the asset minimum of other financial advisors. By offering a monthly Ongoing Financial Planning model, it is our goal to serve those families often ignored by other advisors.
  • No Long-Term Commitments
    • If you aren't going to continue working with us, we just ask you to give us a ten day notice so we can process your non-renewal and stop any monthly payments.