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What Will Your Legacy Be?

In the subject line I asked, "what will your legacy be?"  I am not talking about money.  Money is a useful tool, yes, but you can't take it with you.  We can talk about financial legacies, and in my business we do so often, for it's a component of every good estate plan.  Far more important, however, is passing on virtue.  What kind of inheritance (rather than how much) will you leave behind for your loved ones?

This has been on my mind having recently watched a movie with my older children:  The Ultimate Gift (2006).  It has sparked a lot of great conversation about the importance of living in a way consistent with your values, and how the way we behave affects the world around us for better or for worse.  Perhaps it would make a good rainy summer night movie for you as well.  It inspired me to read the book of the same name it is based upon, by author Jim Stovall.  I highly recommend them both.

Do you have any suggestions on good books or movies that talk about the importance of the kind of inheritance we leave behind that are appropriate to share with the kids in our lives?  I'd love to hear about them!