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What Matters

Earlier this week I read a reflection by Karen Culbertson on the eulogy  of his father's life given by President George W. Bush.  I was struck by  the eulogy myself, but she expresses her thoughts far more clearly than  I could mine.  She says:

"...I made a mental note of what actually mattered to George W at  the end of his father’s life and what things had made him a better,  well-adjusted adult."

So what was it that the younger President Bush thought actually mattered?  This is the most striking part:

"In the eulogy George W didn’t mention once that his parents made  sure he had organic food his whole life, or had Pinterest worthy  birthday parties, or the perfect monogrammed matching outfits with his  siblings. He didn’t mention that his parents made sure their week was  planned with playdates and millions of extracurricular activities.  He reflected over and over again about how much his dad loved and was dedicated to his mother."

Read the rest here.

That one stopped me in my tracks.  It's always about love.  Love one another, there is nothing more important than that.