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Time for a Financial Housecleaning

Are you as glad as I am that spring is finally here?  Winter kept trying to make a comeback, but green grass and sunny skies have conquered.  I hope you get to be outside and enjoy it!

Now that tax season is officially over, here at Step By Step we're shifting to helping our clients with their investments, which I always think goes well with the seasonal change.  Obtaining financial security is a long term growth strategy, much like cultivating a garden.  So how is your "financial garden" coming along?

Winter clean up:  Along with those dried leaves, dead growth and debris, take a few minutes to rake through your finances.  Things tend to creep up over time, and it is well worth the time spent to ensure your actions match your priorities.

Take stock, and reseed:  Investments are like perennials and grass. Occasionally, patches die off, and need to be reseeded.  Did your investments "survive the winter" since the last time you took a good look at them?  Are your retirement resources performing to meet your goals?  Spring is an ideal time to transplant shrubs...and long term investments.

Till the soil, fertilize, and plant: You have a strategy, it's time to put it into action.  Your goal is a beautiful garden that flowers all summer, and a secure retirement.  It certainly takes work, but with careful attention to the plan, you'll achieve the long term growth you have earned!