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Should You Pay Off the Loan?

There has been an uptick in questions recently about whether paying off  existing student loans is a good idea.  To be clear, we are talking  about the reality that many folks live with every day of being multiple  years out of college, and still paying on those loans.

Dave Ramsey says this is part of Baby Step #2, where  you are paying off your debt using the "snowball" method.  Every  person's priority debt list is going to be different, and as you  approach peak earning years, you may find yourself in a position to pay  things off more quickly, but wonder if the potential tax savings and low  interest rates are worth holding on to in favor of other debts.

Check out what Capstone has to say in this article:  Paying off Student Loans. Joe  Messinger does a nice job of laying out clearly the options you have  based on your own personal situation.  The more you know, the easier  your path will be to financial security!

AskHeatherJarvis.com  is also a great resource for student loan information.  Heather has  links to calculators and program details, and her own personal  experience may resonate with you.  Her "how I paid for my education"  story is not unique, but her approach to dealing with the consequences  sure has been!