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Phew! Tax Season Is Over!

Let's all breathe a big sigh of relief together.

Tax season (February to April 15) is the busiest time of year for many financial planners, and we are always so relieved when it is over! We love doing what we do; it really is a joy to help people on their way to financial security.  However, it always feels great to be able to look back and say, "tax season is over for the year!"

So what's next here at Step By Step? We're going to start talking about investments.  During this next quarter, our client meetings will focus on making client money work for the client.  Each of our ongoing financial planning clients will have a meeting with us to review current investments, discuss and assess risk levels, and to rebalance their portfolio as necessary. Clients will log in to Riskalyze and make sure it reflects their current situation, updating for any recent professional or personal changes. Then, we'll do a thorough portfolio analysis, researching current investments and identifying any areas needing attention to keep the portfolio aligned with the clients' unique risk level and net worth goals.

Even if you aren't one of our ongoing financial planning clients, it's a good time of year to do an investment review.  Now that you've finished your tax returns and checked up on your 2019 tax assessment strategy, take a look at your portfolio!  It is an area we tend to set up and "forget" about, and not actively manage as time goes on.  We hope we've inspired you to take a good long look at yours!