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Without Counsel Plans Go Wrong, but With Many Advisers They Succeed.

Proverbs 15:22 (RSV)


New Tax Deduction Strategy Thumbnail

New Tax Deduction Strategy

While we had prepared for the changes to rules regarding charitable donations and medical deductions, many of my clients were still surprised at how different their tax return was, and have asked what to do going forward. Something that my clients, as well as many others, will likely benefit from is...

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Tax Refund vs Tax Liability Thumbnail

Tax Refund vs Tax Liability

Since the IRS published its first report of the current tax season, I have seen a lot of "talk" about how tax refunds are lower than average. I have also seen multiple posts on how taxes are down. How can these things both be true?

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What Matters Thumbnail

What Matters

Earlier this week I read a reflection by Karen Culbertson on the eulogy of his father's life given by President George W. Bush. I was struck by the eulogy myself, but she expresses her thoughts far more clearly than I could mine. She says:

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What Is the Common Denominator? Thumbnail

What Is the Common Denominator?

I understand that markets like we are seeing right now can be nervewracking for investors. You know the value of the money you have, and it can be hard to watch it go down. The first thing to remember is that we have to focus on what we can control. You and I don't have any influence over the market. We do have influence over how much money we invest, what we invest in, and when we do it.

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Congratulations Class of 2019 (It is Time to Apply for Financial Aid) Thumbnail

Congratulations Class of 2019 (It is Time to Apply for Financial Aid)

I was the first one to go to college in my family and the application and financial aid process was overwhelming. I went through that process on my own. With that in mind, I have a personal mission to share with you. There is so much information and misinformation out there about saving for and applying for college and college financial aid. I have, therefore, intentionally expanded my business offerings to include college funding strategy.

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Goal Post Shift Thumbnail

Goal Post Shift

I love watching football games, and eagerly anticipate football season each year. I played the game in high school, and that's a feeling you never quite forget. I remember how important it was at the time, and yet how incredibly simple: put the ball into the end zone, or in between the goal posts. That was it, really. Sure, there was strategy, but the goal never changed: score points, win the game.

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Time for a reset! Thumbnail

Time for a reset!

With so many people buckling down for the academic year, wistfully viewing the vacation pictures, it's an appropriate time to be reviewing financial goals. Setting goals is a fundamental step to financial security. Our priorities, however, tend to shift as time goes on. Is your household ready for a "reset" button?

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What Will Your Legacy Be? Thumbnail

What Will Your Legacy Be?

In the subject line I asked, "what will your legacy be?" I am not talking about money. Money is a useful tool, yes, but you can't take it with you. We can talk about financial legacies, and in my business we do so often, for it's a component of every good estate plan. Far more important, however, is passing on virtue. What kind of inheritance (rather than how much) will you leave behind for your loved ones?

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Don't Forget Thumbnail

Don't Forget

Ah, summer. Do you love it as much as I do? Hot dogs, roller coasters, ice cream, backyard pools and sprinklers...these are what come to mind when I think of summer. I wonder what my children will recall of their childhood summers. Will they think fondly of the long drives in the van to visit far-flung family and friends? Will they think of the awe-inspiring sunset behind the mountains? Will it be the evenings spent chasing fireflies in the backyard with the neighbors?

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IT Costs HOW Much? Thumbnail

IT Costs HOW Much?

When I'm looking at a client's investment portfolio, one of the first things I look at is how much the investment is actually charging my client. Very little in life is free, and index funds, stocks and bonds are no exception!

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