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Goal Post Shift

I love watching football games, and eagerly anticipate football season  each year.  I played the game in high school, and that's a feeling you  never quite forget.  I remember how important it was at the time, and  yet how incredibly simple:  put the ball into the end zone, or in  between the goal posts.  That was it, really.  Sure, there was strategy,  but the goal never changed:  score points, win the game.

When  talking with clients these days, it can seem as though goals are pretty  standard:  earn money, save enough, retire well.  We can all agree on  those things.  The difficulty can be in determining what is "enough?"   What does "well" mean?  With inflation and perceived economic  uncertainty, it can seem as though you're playing on a field on the  beach...the tide coming in at unpredictable times.  The rules might  change, too, with different types of financial accounts and ways of  saving for the future.

It's a good time for a reminder that there are things within our  immediate control, things that are in our circles of influence, and  things that remain of concern but of no immediate influence.  We are all  concerned about national economic affairs but few of us have direct  influence.  We all retain influence in the rules, however.  Be an  involved citizen.  The things we can immediately control:  work hard,  save what we can, and enjoy the game.