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Finish the Year Strong

Merry  Christmas from my family to yours!  In my Christian tradition, we  celebrate Christmas for 12 straight days and here we are on day 7.  My  wife and I have made deliberate choices to clear our calendars and spend  this time as a family.  We've hiked the local trails, taken numerous  "selfies," eaten all the sweets, watched the sports games, built puzzles  and had foam dart wars in the house.  We're not done yet.  5 more days  of celebrating to go!

And yet, it is hard to forget that the end of the calendar year is  here.  While it is still a time of celebration, it is also a time of  reflection and looking ahead.  I hope when you think back over 2018, you  are able to see the fruits of your labors and how any challenges have  allowed you to grow.  Can you see what's next?

Whatever your new year may hold, my prayer is that your 2019 is filled  with new memories and stronger relationships with your loved ones.   That's what success is all about.