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Financial security. One step at a time.


New Tax Deduction Strategy

While we had prepared for the changes to rules regarding charitable donations and medical deductions, many of my clients were still surprised at how different their tax return was, and have asked what to do going forward. Something that my clients, as well as many others, will likely benefit from is...

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Tax Refund vs Tax Liability

Since the IRS published its first report of the current tax season, I have seen a lot of "talk" about how tax refunds are lower than average. I have also seen multiple posts on how taxes are down. How can these things both be true?

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A New Approach to Annuities

QUESTION: Kevin, should I buy this annuity? ANSWER: Probably not. Slightly more helpful answer: It's not likely to be the best investment vehicle for you. Annuities have high fees and long reaching tax implications that make them poor choices for most people. If we look at your entire financial picture, we are apt to discover more fruitful ways of building your long term wealth and securing your financial future.

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