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What Will Your Legacy Be?

In the subject line I asked, "what will your legacy be?" I am not talking about money. Money is a useful tool, yes, but you can't take it with you. We can talk about financial legacies, and in my business we do so often, for it's a component of every good estate plan. Far more important, however, is passing on virtue. What kind of inheritance (rather than how much) will you leave behind for your loved ones?

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Don't Forget

Ah, summer. Do you love it as much as I do? Hot dogs, roller coasters, ice cream, backyard pools and sprinklers...these are what come to mind when I think of summer. I wonder what my children will recall of their childhood summers. Will they think fondly of the long drives in the van to visit far-flung family and friends? Will they think of the awe-inspiring sunset behind the mountains? Will it be the evenings spent chasing fireflies in the backyard with the neighbors?

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