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Financial security. One step at a time.


What Matters

Earlier this week I read a reflection by Karen Culbertson on the eulogy of his father's life given by President George W. Bush. I was struck by the eulogy myself, but she expresses her thoughts far more clearly than I could mine. She says:

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Time for a reset!

With so many people buckling down for the academic year, wistfully viewing the vacation pictures, it's an appropriate time to be reviewing financial goals. Setting goals is a fundamental step to financial security. Our priorities, however, tend to shift as time goes on. Is your household ready for a "reset" button?

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Don't Forget

Ah, summer. Do you love it as much as I do? Hot dogs, roller coasters, ice cream, backyard pools and sprinklers...these are what come to mind when I think of summer. I wonder what my children will recall of their childhood summers. Will they think fondly of the long drives in the van to visit far-flung family and friends? Will they think of the awe-inspiring sunset behind the mountains? Will it be the evenings spent chasing fireflies in the backyard with the neighbors?

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Turning the Tables

Mother's Day was just a few days ago; I hope you had the opportunity to reflect on the mother figures in your life. Was talking to them about their wishes for end of life care on the list of dinner topics? No? I'm shocked by that resounding . . . .

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