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Are You The Right Fit For Our Firm?

People are always in search of the right fit. 

We do this with our jobs, spouses, friends, clothes, hobbies, food, and more searching for the things that feel right to us. Working with a financial advisor is no different. Finding the right fit for someone who you entrust your finances and future dreams is a huge decision, one that has to be built on a foundation of trust. 

But not all financial advisors are a good fit for every person. Finances are complex and nuanced. Think about it like this: you wouldn’t want an attorney who specializes in real estate law to represent you in a criminal defense case. 

The same idea applies to financial advisors. An early-career technology professional, for example, would want to work with an advisor who specializes in stock options, taxes, and other industry-specific strategies not an advisor whose target demographic is retirees. 

Today, our team wanted to bring you a post dedicated to this idea of finding the “right fit.” Who is the right fit for Step by Step? Let’s find out.

Family Matters: A Case Study

In order to help illustrate the type of client we serve best, we wanted to provide you with a client case study. Keep in mind that these are not real people, rather a representation of who we consider to be our ideal clients.

The Moore Family 

John and Sara Moore have been happily married for 35 years. They met young by happenstance at a local church summer picnic. Ever since that late July afternoon, nothing was the same again. The two of them committed to building their lives and growing their family together. Through the ups and downs of raising three children, the Morres found strength in themselves, the community, and their marriage. 

John is a veterinarian and Sara is a human resource specialist. On the weekends, they use their musical talents to conduct the local church choir which they always considered their special time to create something beautiful together. Their jobs have afforded them a comfortable and happy lifestyle but they remain grounded and humble.

John and Sara are committed to their family’s financial well being and have instilled in their children the value of hard work and saving for the future. Since they believe their family to be truly blessed, they always look to share that with others by regularly volunteering and giving financial support to their church and local community. 

While the Moores have always been fiscally responsible, as they near retirement, John and Sara want to make sure that their finances are set up in a way that supports their goals long-term. 

What makes the Moores a good fit for us?

Now that we learned a little bit about the Moore family. The next step is to understand why they are such a good fit for us.

  • They are pre-retirees with healthy savings but in need of a more refined strategy.
  • They understand and prioritize their long-term needs.
  • Their financial habits are linked with their values and they work to live that out every day
  • They are family and community-centric, giving their time, talents, and resources to the people, places, and things they care about.
Couples have unique opportunities and challenges when building a retirement plan. They need to be aligned on a shared vision, goals, and template for their life. This means coordinating on lifestyle needs, investment choices, income planning, Social Security strategies as well as charitable giving and legacy plans. We thrive in this space—helping clients organize, navigate, and execute their plans. 

Our strategy at Step by Step is comprehensive, meaning we look at every aspect of your financial plan and see how each piece fits together like your insurance, risk coverage, tax plan, income strategy, investments, and financial goals.


Why the “right fit” matters

Your finances are a deeply personal part of who you are. In order to reach your goals, you need to work with someone who understands what they are and has a clear vision for helping you get there. 

This is a similar concept to finding the right primary care doctor for your health or babysitter for your kids. This person plays a crucial role in your life and family, which makes it important that you find someone who is qualified and also respects you and your goals.

Retirement is likely the largest savings goal of your life. Working with an advisor who can help you navigate, plan for, and live out your dream retirement is an integral part of that decision. We would love to be that team that helps you and your family live the life you always wanted. Ready to learn more? Set up a call today!