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Serving Married Couples prior to and throughout Retirement

Who We Serve

We serve married couples in their late 50s and early 60s who are first-generation wealth accumulators. Our clients live modest and unassuming lives of significance. They are the pillars of their families and communities. In addition, our typical clients desire the following:

  • To have a long-term relationship with a financial planning professional who anticipates their concerns and questions before they even know to ask.
    •  Have you ever had anyone with an objective and unbiased viewpoint evaluate your financial health?
    • Are you confident you are paying as little in taxes and investment fees as legally possible? 
    • Do you ever wonder if your financial resources are working together as effectively as possible?
  • To obtain financial security while planning for long-term growth
    • Are you approaching retirement or recently retired?
    • Are you confident you have enough resources to live off of during your retirement years?
    • Do you see change all around you and worry your money won't be there when you need it?
  • To leave a legacy of memories and experiences with their children and grandchildren
    • Do you plan to leave a lasting legacy to your family and loved ones?
  • To give substantially to their church and community
    • Do you desire to gift to charitable organizations in extraordinary ways?

If these questions strike you and you desire answers, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a no obligation initial consultation to learn if the services we offer would be a good fit for you.