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Higher Education, Social Security, Pension Planning and Retirement Strategy

What We Do


The purpose of the Financial Review is to provide answers to your most burning questions and to give you the experience of working with a financial planner dedicated to serving your best interests. For some, the Financial Review may be all you need on your journey to financial security for others the Financial Review may be the beginning of working together on an ongoing basis. 

Please click here to access all of the documents you will need to prepare for the Financial Review.

Fee: $950

Types of Financial Review Services

  • Retirement and Social Security Planning
    • What is my current net worth?
    • Am I on track?
    • Do I have enough to retire? When?
    • Will I have enough to fund my retirement if I spend “$” per year during retirement?When should I begin taking my Social Security benefits?
    • What is the most optimal strategy for my spouse and I to receive Social Security distributions?
  • College Funding and Planning  
    • Please click here for the checklist of documents needed to prepare for the College Funding and Planning Financial Review.   
    • Using the College Pre-Approval™ process, we help families create a comprehensive college funding plan to maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and save for a comfortable retirement at the same time. 
      • What are the most efficient strategies to maximize aid eligibility?
      • What are the differences between the FAFSA and CSS Profile?
      • What are the optimal asset, income, and tax strategies for college funding?
      • What is the best manner from distributing from investment accounts to pay for college?
      • How do I coordinate contributions from other family members, i.e. Grandparents?
      • Should I take out student loans and if so, which ones and how much?
      • How do I cover the college expenses shortfall?
      • What is the best resource for saving for college expenses?
  • Debt Management
    • Do I have too much debt? 
    • Do I have the best rates available for my mortgage, credit cards, car loan, etc.?
    • How do I decide what debts to pay off first? 
    • Should I concentrate on paying off debt or saving more?
  • Income and Liquidity Planning
    • Can I afford to. . ?
    • Can I shift from two incomes to one?
    • Am I spending too much or can I afford to increase my standard of living and still stay on track? 
    • Do I have enough in an Emergency Fund? 
    • How much should I have in an Emergency Fund?
    • What is the best way for me to pay for college? 
    • How can I ensure my money does not run out during retirement?
  • Investment Risk and Strategies
    • Should I be investing in my retirement plan at work or in an IRA?
    • How much should I be contributing to my company’s retirement plan?
    • Am I taking more risk than I need to be?
    • Will my current investment strategy help me reach my goal in the amount of time I have left before I retire? 
    • I am currently using a broker or another financial advisor, how much am I really paying for investment advice?
    • Are my annual contributions/distributions on target?
  • Insurance Planning
    • How much life insurance do I need?
    • Am I properly covered for catastrophic events, such as fire, flood, disability, death, etc? 
    • How much insurance protection do I need?
    • Should I have disability insurance, an umbrella policy, long-term care insurance?
    • Am I paying a too much for my current coverage? 
  • Tax Planning
    • What can I do to reduce the amount I am paying in taxes?  
    • Will it really benefit me to create a tax-efficient portfolio?
    • Is the care I am providing for my parent deductible?
    • Should I create a retirement plan for my business

2. Annual Agreement

Comprehensive financial guidance through our Annual Agreement service provides clients with holistic, financial and tax planning, retirement distribution strategies, and access to low-cost investment providers. 

This is our premier service for clients desiring the following:

  • To have a long-term relationship with a financial planning professional who anticipates their concerns and questions before they even know to ask.
  • To obtain financial security while planning for long-term growth
  • To leave a legacy of memories and experiences with their children and grandchildren
  • To give substantially to their church and community

Fee: $1,250 per quarter (minimum)

  • We determine this annual fee based on a transparent and upfront income and net worth calculation after completing a Financial Review. 
  • The Financial Review fee will be applied to the Annual Agreement fee if the client signs up for annual services within ten calendar days of completing the Financial Review.

Please click here to access the annual agreement comprehensive list of services and contract.


Our clients benefit from a systematic process that thoroughly evaluates key aspects of their financial life, including:

  • Social Security Distribution Evaluation and Strategies
  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Charitable Gifting Planning
  • Portfolio Analysis, Risk Assessment and Investment Strategies
  • Retirement and Pension Plan Evaluation
  • College Funding Planning
  • Estate Planning 

We will typically meet with our clients 6-8 times during the first year and approximately 3-4 times in subsequent years. Meetings may take place in-person or virtually.