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Social Security, Pension Planning and Retirement Planning for Married Couples

What We Do


Comprehensive financial guidance provides clients with holistic, financial and tax planning, retirement distribution strategies, and access to Dimensional Funds. Clients at this service level have higher net worths, and/or more complex financial situations and are looking for a trusted advisor who can oversee their “big picture.”


The Growth and Distribution Path is optimal for couples with a net worth of 3-7x their annual income who are looking for both personalized comprehensive financial guidance and asset management, and who would benefit from on-going implementation and monitoring services. Usually, clients on the Growth and Distribution Path have a minimum net worth of $500,000.


Clients on the Growth and Distribution Path benefit from a systematic process that thoroughly evaluates key aspects of their financial life, including investments, insurance, tax planning, portfolio analysis, retirement and estate planning.

The result is personalized comprehensive financial guidance, utilizing tax efficient strategies for retirement, distribution, and legacy planning, as well as access to Dimensional Funds. Clients on the accumulation path will typically meet with Step By Step Financial 6-8 times during the first year and approximately 3-4 times in subsequent years. Meetings may take place in-person or virtually. Clients on the Growth and Distribution Path are usually identified during the Financial Review process. 

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