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Social Security, Pension Planning and Retirement Planning for Married Couples

What We Do


This service level is designed to answer your most "burning" financial planning questions.


The Financial Review is offered to most of our new clients. The purpose of the Financial Review is to provide answers to your most burning questions (up to three of them) and to give you the experience of working with a financial planner dedicated to serving your best interests. For some, the Financial Review may be all you need on your journey to financial security. For others, the Financial Review may be the beginning of working with us on an ongoing basis.


Our Financial Review consists of a one-time meeting that typically lasts between 2 and 2 1/2 hours, during which time we will provide advice and answer 2-3 questions about specific aspects of the client’s situation. We offer an initial consultation prior to the Financial Review to gather documents and to determine up to three of your most "burning" financial planning questions.  


When can we retire?

How much do we have to live off of during retirement?

When should I begin taking Social Security benefits?

Should I concentrate on paying off debt or saving more?

How can I ensure my money does not run out during retirement?

Should I invest in my 401k plan at work or an outside IRA?

How much am I really paying for investment advice?

How much life insurance do I need?

What can I do to legally reduce my income tax liability?

What is a tax-efficient investment strategy and how do I create one?

Should I buy the annuity offered to me or are their better options for me to guarantee my retirement "nest egg?"

Download the Financial Review Agreement