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Social Security, Pension Planning and Retirement Planning for Married Couples

What We Do


Clients in this stage are beginning to focus on accumulating wealth. With an increase in financial assets, a more diversified investment strategy becomes necessary, along with a risk management program to address non-investment risks. Our role in this phase is to keep clients on the right track, brainstorm alternative choices, and provide a balanced understanding of opportunities and risks to help clients make well informed decisions.


Our accumulation path is optimal for couples with a net worth between 1-3x their annual income who are looking for financial guidance and ongoing support. A couple with a net worth between $250,000-$500,000 is usually on the Accumulation Path.


This service begins with a Financial Review. We then incorporate various elements needed to develop a realistic plan to help clients meet their goals for the future. Finally, we execute that plan and provide support as needed. Clients on the Accumulation Path will typically meet with Step By Step Financial approximately 3-5 times per year-in-person or virtually.

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